Hyundai’s i30 N has been enhanced with a new design focused on performance and flawless design and for the first time, the upgraded i30 N will be available with N DCT – an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that offers paddle shifters and enables three new N performance functions for an even sportier driving experience. It’s like an everyday sports car that is ready for the race track. And that’s exactly what the media did recently in Cape Town. First, I did the city and highway drive and the i30N was ever so responsive.

And then, on the track at Killarney where I really put the i30N through its paces. It handled beautifully and that sound from the turbo-blips was music to my ears. Several high-performance driving features and a performance-oriented instrument cluster contribute to an all-around sporty experience. The i30 N was originally developed on the basis of the three N cornerstones: Corner Rascal, Everyday Sports Car and Racetrack Capability. While the i30 N is always ready to be transformed at the push of a button for racetrack driving on the weekend, it is truly an everyday sports car that is suitable for daily commuting in comfort on weekdays.

Focused on fun to drive

The design is based on true high-performance vehicles and includes Hyundai’s cascading grille at the front, aggressive-looking front and rear bumpers, and a new rear spoiler. According to the principle “form follows function”, the car design enhances aerodynamic and cooling performance. Its operation focuses on the pure connection between the car and the driver. Now, the design has been enhanced to give the new i30 N an even more racetrack-inspired look and improve aerodynamics. The i30 N loves corners. The N logo symbolises a chicane, the ultimate part of the track where the i30 N achieves maximum traction, precision and feeling. The powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged engine delivers up to 206kW and 392Nm torque.

Exterior design

Beyond a styling exercise, the changes made exclusively for the i30 N define its performance. To create the best ratio between the new i30 N’s downforce, drag and aerodynamics for the best possible driving experience, the designers worked in accordance with aerodynamic principles. Every design feature around the car has been developed with a focus on dynamic performance. At the front, the i30 N maintains its sporty, aggressive appearance through the black bezel of the headlamps.


The i30 N’s performance package includes newly developed 19-inch forged alloy wheels. The lightweight, optimised, five-double-spoke wheels were designed for high strength. The new i30 N is the first Hyundai mass-production car to come with 19-inch forged wheels. Ultra high-performance Pirelli P-Zero tyres come standard.

Interior design

The interior of the new i30 N is focused on connecting the driver with the car at all touchpoints. The concept is dedicated to the people who truly love cars. The exclusive “N” steering wheel ensures that the driver is in 100% control of all driving performance features directly by hand. On the left side of the steering wheel, drivers can select three standard drive modes: Normal, Sport and Eco. On the right, the driver has direct access to the chequered flag N button for the N mode or the customised setting which is visible on the N unique cluster.


The new i30 N is powered by a four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with front-wheel drive and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (N DCT). The engine delivers 206kW in the upgraded i30 N, and maximum torque has been increased by 39 Nm to 392 Nm. The turbocharged engine offers flat power, which ensures high responsiveness and improved acceleration for even more fun on the road or on the racetrack. The maximum speed of the i30 N is 250 km/h, and it can go from 0 to 100km/h in 5.4 seconds. model.


The new i30 N has been upgraded to include more class-leading Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driver assistance features. There is a whole host of safety bells and whistles to keep you safe when behind the wheel. The new i30 N comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The i30 N is also fitted with a wireless charging pad.


RRP: Hyundai i30 N DCT is R749,900 (including VAT).