In a surprise move, CCC Secretary General Charlton Hwende has released a statement on his Twitter account indicating that he will likely stop the rural vote campaign that he has conducted 38 times this year alone due to the toxic nature of CCC supporters, particularly those on Twitter. Hwende is one of the people who receive hate and troll relentlessly and has not received a public moral support from the leader Nelson Chamisa who is also yet to rebuke his supporters from hateful rhetoric.

He wrote: 

Yesterday I addressed a ward meeting of @CCCZimbabwe volunteers in Mhondoro. We prefer smaller meetings to counter victimization. This is probably my last meeting. I have noticed the negative comments from our CCC citizens on Twitter whenever I go on Mgwazo in Mhondoro.

I have also considered the stress and anguish that most of the comments cause my teenage kids. The reason I agreed to help in Mhondoro was to assist in growing the rural vote. I did 38-weekend meetings this year funding myself & abandoning my work at my logistics company.

As a leader in the movement, I have a responsibility to take into account the negative comments on Twitter and also self-introspect. I will use the December Holiday to do exactly that. I love my Citizens movement the @CCCZimbabwe and will continue contributing in other areas!!

The response: