CCC interim secretary-general Chalton Hwende has condemned the continued detention of the party’s interim vice chairman Job Sikhala who has been in jail since June this year. He has been denied bail several times. Sikhala appealed against the dismissal of his bail application at the High Court in a case where he is accused of inciting public violence. But High Court Judge Justice Samuel Deme said he needs time to study previous judgments made against Sikhala.

According to Hwende, Sikhala’s bail application ruling was suspended indefinitely. Said Hwende: Hon Job Sikhala’s bail application ruling was suspended indefinitely. Sadly our Judiciary is captured. Bail is a Constitutional right and Job is being punished by his political rivals who have captured the State and judiciary.

This is no longer a legal matter but a political matter. To expect a legal solution to a political problem in my view is wrong. We must examine the political options that we have as a people and exercise our rights to protect ourselves as citizens. This judiciary stole our victory they must not be allowed to steal our FREEDOM. Sikhala’s co-accused, Chitungwiza North MP Godfrey Sithole (CCC) has since been granted bail. Sikhala also faces a charge of obstructing the course of justice.