Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube has expressed concern over the alleged disappearance of medicines in public hospitals. He made the remarks during a Parliamentary debate on sectorial allocations in the 2023 national budget. He said:

We have found that some of the drugs that we buy for public hospitals disappear very quickly and how come these private hospitals always have medicine, what is going on? … there is something else, I do not know whether you have noticed that we have got private hospitals mushrooming everywhere, every other corner of Harare, there is some private hospital coming up – I am dramatising. It is quite clear that this is a growth sector. If you go to those private hospitals, you will find that there is adequate medicine and there is equipment and quality personnel.

Zimbabwe’s health sector budget for 2023 will total ZW$702 billion, with international development partners providing some Z$232 billion according to Ncube. There have been reports that some health caregivers who work in public health institutions steal health supplies and put them into their own private institutions or on the streets.