A 31-year-old suspected thief appeared in court on Boxing Day after he broke into several cars and stole valuables including a Bible. Shepherd Madaka yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi charged with theft. Allegations are that on 18 April 2022, Madaka stole from a parked car at Queen of Hearts Restaurant in Highlands.

He allegedly smashed the vehicle window and stole iPads, an iPhone, two passports, a Bible, and a magazine all valued at US$5 120. Nothing was recovered. On 26 April, Madaka allegedly broke into a Honda CRV vehicle that was parked in Borrowdale and stole goods valued at US$7 020 and nothing was recovered.

On 5 May, Madaka allegedly stole from another Honda CRV vehicle at Avondale Infant School. He was finally arrested on 23 December 2022in Chisipite after his vehicle was searched and two iron T-bars, a mini safety hammer and a multi-functional mini hammer used to commit the crimes were found in the boot of his car. Madaka was also charged with possession of articles for criminal use.