The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced a 10-day voter registration campaign before opening the voter’s roll for public inspection, leading up to the 2023 general elections. However, civil society organizations have raised concerns that the period is too short to register all eligible voters.

According to the Director for Matobo Youth Development Initiative, Descent Dube, ten days are insufficient, as people would not have received enough information during the first week. He further stated that the first five days would be uneventful in terms of response from the people. Despite these concerns, eligible voters will be able to register until two days after the proclamation of the election date by President Mnangagwa.

Dube also raised concern over ZEC’s lack of information concerning the registration centers, stating that they do not know where the centers will be held, making it challenging to mobilize people to register. Ekhaya Vote 2023 spokesperson, Nkosikhona Dibiti, echoed the same sentiment, adding that releasing dates from the district offices would help mobilize people beforehand.

Tsepang Nare, a disability rights defender, emphasized the importance of the registration blitz reaching people with disabilities, particularly the deaf community, who may be left behind. Meanwhile, Thandazani Moyo, the national spokesperson for the Freedom of Rights Under Sovereign (FORUS) party, lamented the short registration period, stating that at least a month-long blitz would be more effective.

ZEC’s voter registration campaign is crucial, especially since many eligible voters have not registered due to the conditions beyond their control, such as national identity registration and birth certificates. Despite the concerns raised, civil society organizations are mobilizing to encourage people, including youths and traditional leaders, to register to vote Here are points closer to you where you can register: