Congratulations are pouring in for Job Sikhala Junior, who has won the CCC primary elections for Zengeza West constituency, to fill in his father’s seat, who has been languishing in prison since June last year.

Themba Mliswa, the only independent MP in parliament, took to Twitter to express his delight, “Ngaapinde hake mukomana amirire baba vake. If you are heartless against others, God has his ways of dealing with it. I have never believed in this kind of politics, where you jail opponents for no crime. There is no justification for what is happening to Job Sikhala!”

He further commented, “I am amazed and sickened watching people who support the persecution of Sikhala, all in the name of politics. I have been in politics long enough to realize it when people have lost their way and are now stumbling in the throes of darkness! Think outside politics for once!! Our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and relatives who fought in the liberation war never fought for this. It’s a travesty against the ideals of the struggle to find Zimbabweans being persecuted as if by foreigners in their own country. It’s sad, but Mwari anoona.”

Job Junior will likely be joined by a host of young legislators who have won nominations in major cities like Harare, where CCC has robust support. One of Job Sikhala’s closest friends, Freddy Musarirevu, has also been nominated to represent CCC in the St. Mary’s constituency. He is dubbed the closest advisor to Job and family spokesperson.