The upcoming election in Cowdry Park, Bulawayo promises to be an interesting one as Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T and Mthuli Ncube of ZANU-PF are set to go head to head. Khupe, who is well-known in Cowdry Park, will be looking to secure the seat against Ncube, who has been campaigning in the area and promising voters freebies such as public wifi and recording studios.

Supporters of Khupe from the CCC Zimbabwe have expressed their excitement about her nomination, with many confident in her ability to take on the ZANU-PF heavyweight. However, some have expressed concern for her considering the nature of the constituency.

Despite the doubts, Khupe’s supporters remain optimistic, with many praising her hard work and dedication to the party. It’s interesting to note the shift in perception towards Khupe, who was once denigrated and called a sellout and project but is now being seen as a strong contender in this upcoming election.

The beauty of politics lies in the unpredictability of events, and this election promises to be no different. As the campaigning heats up, only time will tell who will emerge victorious in Cowdry Park.