Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has come under fire for stating that the opposition in Zimbabwe is as dead as a dodo. He expressed frustration over the leadership style of Nelson Chamisa and other leaders, claiming that they are too focused on Bible verses and hoping to be elected by people who are frustrated with the country’s current economic challenges, such as high unemployment and problems with health facilities.

On his Telegram post, Hopewell went further and ridiculed the many Bible verses that Nelson Chamisa often posts, equating them to lyrical rhymes that don’t mean much to the electorate. He also tweeted, “I don’t support individuals like some do, I support ideas. I support the idea that ZANUPF is corrupt and that it has failed. I support the idea that we need a new broom, but it doesn’t mean that if I see weaknesses in the opposition I will keep quiet! That is corrupt to do so!”

Further digging in, he added, “I don’t need to DM Fadzayi Mahere, I am doing my work, let her do hers. I stand by my statement that the opposition has done very little in exposing corruption and hammering on it yet collecting US$40,000! If you find that offensive, then you are the one who has a problem.”

CCC spokeswoman Fadzai Mahere subtweeted and eventually gathered the courage to reply to him, stating that “we won the majority of by-elections. We are the only opposing voice in Parliament. We carried out the biggest voter registration campaign. We have built powerful allies in SADC. We have penetrated rural strongholds. We have the largest diaspora network. We turned Zimbabwe yellow. We gave a nation HOPE!”

She further added that some people are looking for Chamisa’s replacement, especially after the 2023 elections, and have even tried to replace him with Chapman of DUZ, tweeting, “That chap did one video mukabhilivhiswa. A champion wins elections, penetrates rural strongholds, mass mobilizes communities who believe without payment, runs a mother ship, has strong allies in SADC & is tipped to win by independent surveys moti hapana. Tirikukuonai hedu.”